Meet your Insurance Agent: Christine Walters

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When you call Winchester & Associates to request an insurance quote for your business, your high value home or your equine policy, chances are you will speak with Christine Walters.

Christine with one of her horses, Strawberry, at her home in Winchester, California.

Christine has been in the insurance industry since 2005 and became professionally licensed in 2006.  She has been with Winchester & Associates since day 1 (November 2009), which is why I sat down with Christine to begin the  “Meet Your Agent” blog series.


How did you get into insurance in the first place?

“I was looking to make a career change and a friend of mine who was an underwriter for many years suggested I try insurance.  I jumped into the insurance field and explored in non-stop.  I began on the commercial side with General liability, workman comp and commercial auto and then added the personal lines for my commercial customers.”

Christine is friendly, competitive and driven all rolled into one.  After her busy day at the office, she often heads out to practice sorting with her husband.  Christine says, “My first love is horses.  I have been a horse owner for as long as I can remember.  My husband and I enjoy competing in

Christine shooting live action at an equestrian competition.

Ranch Sorting and Team Penning events all over the country.”  And outside of it!  From Calgary, Canada to Las Vegas, Nevada and all along the western United States, Christine indulges her competitive side in equine competition.

It was an appreciation for equestrian athleticism that led to another of Christine’s passions:  “Photography and cooking”, Christine reveals, “serve as an expression of my creativity.  People tell me that I am able to capture horses and riders at their best. I love capturing the feelings of intensity and passion in a photograph.  A picture truly does speak a thousand words.” The staff at Winchester all love Christine’s cooking which they get to enjoy at the office “potlucks” and especially love her homemade salsa.

Christine enjoying team penning on a sunny day.

Are you able to tie your insurance and hobbies together?

“Absolutely, that is one reason why I really love what I do.  Being a horse owner, I feel I am able to offer products with the knowledge of the equine industry on what treatments, coverage and claims are most common. Many of my friends and fellow competitors own businesses. I started writing their equine policies which has now transitioned to me writing their commercial and personal business policies.”

Winchester & Associates has grown a lot in the past 7 years and I am sure you have been a big part of this growth?  “Yes, we have moved offices 3 times to allow for the growth.  The owner, Suzy and I have the same core values. Customer Service and insurance knowledge are the

A rare photo of another of Christine’s adventures with husband Dustin, exploring the Southern California desert.

most important aspect of our business.  Our customer base has grown due to a large amount of customer referrals. We have added to our staff and really have a great group!  The sky’s the limit!”










Meet Your Agent Series

It’s been a year, and you’re not exactly sure which what the name of the Winchester & Associates agent who bound your insurance policy is, but you have a question on your policy…

At Winchester & Associates, we’re like a family. We know that knowing your insurance agent on a more personal level makes you more comfortable to ask questions about your policy, ask to have your policy requoted, or just to stop by and visit the office!

That’s why we started the Meet Your Agent series on our blog–so you can know more about the person who’s answered your phone call or who bound your policy. Read the rest of the series to “meet your agent”!


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