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Farm and ranch owners have unique insurance needs. Traditional coverage may not adequately respond to those needs. We write comprehensive policies that can include coverage for:

  • buildings and structures
  • farm equipment
  • horses and livestock
  • special events facility
  • training operations
  • vineyard
  • farm operations

Our agents are uniquely qualified to ensure all of your agribusiness insurance needs are adequately met and covered.

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Equine Liability

A horse owner liability policy will protect you from financial loss should your horse cause bodily injury or property damage to a third party and they make a claim or file a lawsuit against you for damages.

Farm & Ranch

Farm and/or ranch policies can include property coverage, as well as liability coverage for farm/ranch operations. The coverages can vary greatly based on the needs of your farming or ranching operation.

Equine Mortality

Equine mortality policies are designed to protect the owner against loss if the horse were to pass away or be stolen. These policies can include “major medical” coverage. When a horse develops health or soundness issues, vet bills and surgical procedure costs can mount quickly. Major medical coverage can help pay for some of the expenses to treat a horse, giving that chance to become well and sound.

Club Insurance

Clubs and associations are defined as any group that is formed to pursue common equestrian related interests. They allow riders with similar interests to meet, network, and participate in organized activities. Some examples of riding clubs or associations include:

  • Riding/ Saddle Clubs
  • Driving Clubs
  • Polo Clubs
  • Hunt Clubs
  • Pony Clubs
  • 4-H Clubs
  • Trail Riding Clubs
  • Team Penning Clubs
  • Breed Associations
  • Endurance Racing Associations
  • Western Games and Gymkhana Clubs
  • Horse Show Organizations
  • Volunteer Mounted Units
  • Search & Rescue Organizations
  • Horseback Orienteering Clubs

Special Events

Special event policies are mostly short term policies, lasting form 1-15 days. These equestrian special events are usually hosted by a horse club or association. Events can have several different types and levels of coverage required. Special event policies are commonly written for the following events:

  • Horse Breed Shows
  • Western Games/ Gymkhana
  • Horse Demonstrations
  • Team Penning Events
  • Driving Competitions
  • Pony Ride/ Pony Party
  • Hunting Events
  • 4-H Events
  • Wagon Trains
  • Antique Machinery Exhibits
  • Field Dog Trails (on horseback)
  • Ranch Competitions
  • Orienteering Competitions
  • Polo Events
  • Instructional Clinics
  • Short-term HDV Rides
  • Play Days
  • Cutting Horse Events
  • Historical Re-enactments
  • Rodeo
  • Horse Pulls
  • Driving Events
  • Endurance Rides & Races
  • Pony Club Events
  • Dressage Competitions
  • Trail Rides
  • Cross-Country Trails
  • Open House Events

Facility/Training Insurance

A horse trainer or boarding facility usually has a need for more than one liability coverage. Depending on their operation, they may need types of coverage such as: general liability, care, custody and control liability, and equine professional liability coverage.
General liability coverage includes bodily injury and property damage coverage, making general liability coverage perhaps the most important coverage to have.

If a horse you are training or boarding and do not own is injured, becomes sick, or perishes in your care, the owner may attempt to hold you legally and financially responsible. This type of occurrence is not insured under a general liability policy. A coverage known as “care, custody and control” must be purchased separately or added to the general liability policy by endorsement to protect you in the case of this type of occurrence.

The more you know and the higher your degree of notoriety and authority as a trainer, the higher your exposure and need for “professional liability insurance”. Having a conversation with an agent is the best way to find out if your training facility or business needs this type of coverage.