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What To do If You Have a Claim?

Claims happen…that’s why you have insurance! Remember that we are here to help you through the claims process. Below is a quick guide with steps to follow if you think you might have an insurance claim.

Call emergency services first if the situation is an emergency. When in doubt about the claims process, don’t hesitate to call us! If we are unavailable, contact your carrier directly.

Restoration & Mitigation Companies We Trust In The Local Area

A list of our Carriers

For after hours Emergency Claims, please use the contact numbers below (phone numbers are 24/7 unless otherwise noted).

Roadside assistance: 800.282.1446.

An Allied mobile app is also available. You can use this app to access policy information, make a payment, or get roadside assistance.

Personal claims phone number: 800.282.1446

Commercial claims phone number: 866.322.3214

Phone: 800.252.4670

For an auto claim: 800.274.7865

For all other types of insurance: 800.527.3907

CSE Claims:

Phone: 800-282-6848

Email: www.cseinsurance.com/claims

Auto Roadside Assistance: 800-282-6848, opt 1

Glass Claims only: 800-282-6484, opt. 2

Phone: 888-321-0714

Fax: 888-957-6437

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 800-385-0274

Phone: 800-252-4633

Auto Glass only: 800-238-6225

Roadside Assistance: Individual 800-252-4633, opt. 3

                                       Business 800-238-6225, opt. 3

Phone: 800.243.5860

Kemper Auto & Commercials vehicle: 866-536-7376

Kemper Personal: 888-252-2799

  • Roadside Assistance: Kemper Direct: 866-611-3488  (7 digit policy no. 4XXXXXX)
  • Kemper Personal Insurance: 855-849-3858  (10 digit policy no. 1000XXXXXX)
  • Kemper Auto: 877-268-7416  (11 digit policy no. 1000XXXXXXX, 15 digit policy no. 102XXXXXXXXXXXX or 500XXXXXXXXXXXX)
  • Infinity, a Kemper Company: 877-512-6964  (15 digit policy no. 104XXXXXXXXXXXX)

Phone: 888.252.2799

Phone: 866.536.7376

Commerce West phone: 866.351.2548

Mapfre phone: 877.

MAPFRE1 or 877.627.3731

Nationwide Claims:

Personal servicing & claims: 800-282-1446

Commercial servicing & claims: 888-509-8622

Farm servicing & claims: 800-418-3188

Phone: 877-333-6938

Phone: 800-221-1605

Call our office  or go online at www.cfpnet.com

Phone: 800-503-3724

Roadside Assistance: 866-519-6478

Phone: 800.854.6011

Claims (Policyholder Line):1-800-274-4499

Claims (Progressive Renters):1-844-641-0816

Claims (Manufactured Home):1-833-812-2203

Roadside Assistance:1-800-776-2778

Phone: 800-332-32226

Roadside Assistance: 877-762-3101

Claims Service, available Monday-Friday, 8:00am-8:00pm EST Claims can be reported 24/7 Phone: 800.220.1351 Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-639-2567

Email: www.guard.com

Fax: 570-825-0611

Phone: 855-415-7120

Phone: 800-468-3466

Email: [email protected]

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